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Internet TV and Radio
Who needs cable or Satellite?

TVU Networks - TV from around the world
AP Video News - Great News Source
CNN Live - Live video NEWS feed
TWIT Live - Live Tech shows (Leo Laporte)
Discovery Channel - Many Videos
PBS - Many Videos and full shows
Youtube - I have to include that!
KFI AM - More stimulating talk radio

Desk Reference
Helpful pages for correspondence

Merriam-Webster Dictionary - Words
Bartlett's Quotations - Not so good
Roget's Thesaurus - Works good!
Bing Maps - Good for trip planning
Google Maps - My Favorite Maps
AnyWho - Phonebook White Yellow Reverse
Spokeo - Find out info about anyone
Wikipedia - The Internet Encyclopedia

Client Web Sites

All sorts of stuff! An amazing hypnotist!
Concert Production Services - Sound
Evergreen Lawn Care - Keep it green
Music Machine - Best guitars on the planet
Nuketown - My Band
OrionTournaments - Win $$ with Trivia!
PHP Easy Scripts - My script site
RPG0 - My test site
RPG1 - My other test site

Local Tri-Cities Links
Your community on the web.

Weather for the Tri-Cities
Highway Cameras
Mid-Columbia Library
Tri-City Herald
Giant Nickel Online
Kennewick  Pasco  Richland

  Local Entertainment Links
Need Something To Do?

The Entertainer - Calendar of Events
Branding Iron - Calendar of Events
Ice Harbor - Calendar of Events
LIGO Hanford Observatory - Tour Info
Columbia River Journeys - Reach Tours
Tri-Cities Visitor Center - Tourist Info

  A Few "Most Used" Links
A few misc links.

PayPal - Send Money to anyone - Buy anything!
- Browse online Auctions - Cheap computer stuff - Cheap computer stuff
Craig's List - Buy Anything Locally
The Archivez - Account Required